A Selection of A/B Tests I’ve Run on Clients eCommerce Stores

Below is an on-going selection of tests I’ve run.

They span a range of large and medium-sized online stores.

From a general store in the USA to a household brand in the Nordics.

How did these tests perform?

For confidentiality, the results aren’t shown. Not all of these tests won. Tests that did win, saw lifts in the KPI of around +3% to +8%, and one reached +28%.

Tests were run in Adobe Target and Google Optimize.

Many tests produced valuable insights, showing what moves the revenue needle, or doesn’t.


Insights are stored in a purpose built knowledge hub, this enables…

  • advanced filtering and querying of historical A/B tests,
  • testing across enough areas and levers, or spotting gaps in the CRO program,
  • guidance for future test iterations,
  • improved test re-prioritisation


If you have any questions or would like to hear a little more about my experience, please get in touch.

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